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BAT 1(2) OVERTEMP warning in my e-jet 195

Mario Castillo del Pino

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Hi from Spain. Just when openning batteries i am getting a BAT OVERTEMP in the EICAS. Batt temp goes up to 60 C. In the manual of the real aircraft i can find the warning and the solution but I do not understand what I do wrong.

1. What prodeces the OVERTEMP?

2. The Feelthere manual indicates that this software does not reproduce FAILURES. So why is this warning coming up?

Thanks in advance


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this quetion was answered before ... but lost when the feelThere forums were destroyed by hackers.


if memory serves the issue is the FS groud temp is excessive causing the batteries to overheat.  are you using FS real weather?



> software does not reproduce FAILURES


correct ... like the engine not working (ie, failing)


warnings are indicated.

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Thanks, Scoobflight.

Yep, I am using real weather.

And a last question about this. Temperature goes down to the regular 25 C but the warning in the Eicas persists and I cannot find a way to clear it. I wait for the temparature to come down before starting the APU, as indicated in the real 195 manual and I do my whole flight with the correct temp indication but still with the BATT OVERTEMP warning blinking on the EICAS screen. of course I cancel the bip from rhe warning button on the glareshield, the indication stops blinking but remains even when the problem is aparently solved.

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