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p3d v3 crash at the end(maybe saitek prblm)

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p3d v3 crash at the end...i use saitek switch panel,multi panel,instrument panel,radio panel...when i exite from p3d crashes...and i loose my controls..any ideas?i have fsuipc FSUIPC4.DLL version 4.939.


Ouch! Version 4.939 pre-dates P3Dv3 by a long way!. It knows nothing about version 3 and all sorts of things will be going wrong -- I'm surprised it doesn't crash P3D during normal operation! Version 4.946 was the first to support P3D version 3.0.


You need to keep up to date. The current version is 4.948g.



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can you give me a link to download the new version pls?i have to buy it again or just i update it?


You only ever buy it once.


You can always download FSUIPC from wherever you first got it -- i.e. the Schiratti page as linked to from the purchase page on SimMarket. Or else, please do notice there are SubForums here, and one in particular called "Updated Modules". There you will find the latest versions of all my FS-related stuff.


Then you simply run the Installer. No need even to re-register, just say "not now".


(I never understand how folks miss all the important stuff placed right at the top! :sad: ).



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