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I purchased the download version of E-Jet Series from Wilco Publishing web site on DECEMBER 24, 2015.  I installed the FS2004 version. 

I am using Windows 7.

I have a few questions:


1.  Do I have the latest version in this download or do I need to install an update patch?  If I need to install a patch where can I find it?

2.  I am having difficulty in loading flight plans into the FMS.  I created a fight plan with FSCommander and loaded it into the FS9 flight plan folder.

I started FS9 and loaded the flight plan from the FS9 flight plan listing.  I started E-170 and in the FMS I tried to import the flight plan. 

I get the message FPL CONTAINS INVALID WAY POINTS.  Sometimes I get the message INVALID FLIGHT PLAN.

3.  I checked the FEELTHERE main folder in FS9 and seem to have several ND mdb files.  Three to be exact.  Could I be having a NAV Data problem?


I have the NAVIGRAPH cycle 1505 (May 5, 2015),  One NDB file is dated 04/16/2015 and the other two are dated 09/26/2006.

If I purchase the latest Nav cycle, what is the specific path for the installation?


4.  Is there a tutorial that you can recommend for this aircraft, one that has detail instructions on a. creating a flight plan, and b. loading a flight plan?



Thank you, and Merry Christmas.





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>Do I have the latest version


>I am having difficulty in loading flight plans

FS commander and the ERJ must be using the same series of database.

> Could I be having a NAV Data problem?

Contact navigraph for problems with their installer.

>Is there a tutorial that you can recommend for this aircraft, one that has detail instructions

See the manual that came with the plane. Or search YouTube.

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Downloaded a flight tutorial from Google (Berlin EDDT to Vienna LOWW by flytutorial.com), dated August, 2009.  Activated position, on the POSITION INIT page.  On my FMC the map coordinates of the activated position were the same

as shown in the tutorial.  HOWEVER, in the POSITION INIT page, the name of the airport EDDT   DID NOT APPEAR under the map coordinates (1L).   Also in the FLT PLAN page the name of the ORIGIN airport (EDDT) does not appear(1L).

I was unable to MANUALLY load a flight plan. 


In the NAV IDENT page, the date of the flight appears in blue.  However, under ACTIVE NDB, nothing appears.  The database cycle number should be shown here, correct?


It seems the aircraft is not reading a database cycle.


I am earlier NAVI GRAPH cycle installed in April, 2015 for Wilco Airbus. 


It seems I have to purchase a NAVI GRAPH database for the ERJ.  Do you agree?


I purchased the latest NaviGraph cycle (1513) for ERJ.  It was installed by the NaviGraph auto installer in

the FEELTHERE folder.   Still have the same problem not allowing me to load a flight plan manually.

The aircraft does not seem to be reading the default Fs22004 data base as well as NaviGraph data base.


Any ideas?  My last resort will be to try  to install the FS2004 default GPS.


Thank you.





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1. deleted the EJv2 aircraft folder using the Win7 programs etc delete.

2. deleted the E 170 folder in the FEELTHERE main folder in FS9

3. reinstalled E Jets Series from the ORIGINAL exe file previously downloaded from WilcoPub.  This is the exe file used previously.

4. installed NAVIGRAPH cycle 1513 (latest) in the FEELTHERE main folder

5. prepared flight plan in FSBuild 2.x which was updated to NAVIGRAPH cycle 1513. (KEWR-KPIT)

6. exported FSBuild plan to FS9

7. opened FS9 and Embraer E 170 to Newark (KEWR) gate.

8. loaded flight plan in FS9

9. opened FMC

10. In POSITION INIT loaded postition so that the message "no present position" disappeared from flight plan.

11.  In FLT PLN page NO AIRPORT code appears under ORIGIN (1L).  Should not KEWR appear in IL under ORIGIN?


13. Clicked ACTIVATE get message " FLIGHT PLAN IS INVALID"

14 in FLT PLAN page no airport code under ORIGIN (1L) or DEST (2R)


I could not load a Flight Plan manually.  The aircraft is not reading the present position although the position was

loaded  in POSITION INIT.  The map coordinates are correct, but the airport code (KEWR in this case) does not appear.

I made certain that the flight planner and the E170 both had the same NAVIGRAPH data base (cycle 1513}. The aircraft

is not reading the FS9 data base either.


Do you suggest I do ANOTHER DOWNLOAD from WilcoPub?  Or is it just that there is a problem with this

aircraft files?




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Again. Delete what you did. Reinstall and using the manual included with the plane follow the instructions for how to create a flight plan. Does creating the flight outlined in the manual work? Do not use other programs to create a file. Do not use other programs to update the database. Follow the manual to see if it works. We need to figure out if the basics are working correctly, not other addons you have purchased.

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I did what you suggested.  


The manual has a short 122nm flight form Islip MacArthur KISP to KALB.  In the manual the ROUTE IS NOT MANUALLY ENTERED.  It is loaded from FS.  I created the plan using the default FS9 flight planner.

Loaded the E170.

1.  NAV IDENT - In FMC on Nav Ident page R6 to initialize position. 

2.  POSITION INIT page - R2 to update FMC to current position.  Loaded appears, and map coordinates for KISP are correct. 

3.  FLT PLAN page - under ORIGIN (1L),  the departure airport KISP does NOT APPEAR.

4.  FLT PLAN page - 2L Load FS FPL ....... message in scratch pad...  FLIGHT PLAN INVALIED

5.  FLT PLAN page - tried to enter departure airport manually in IL - message INVALID ENTRY


    The aircraft FMC is NOT READING THE CURRENT AIRPORT code (KISP).  The airport code (IKISP) does not appear under ORIGIN in Flt Plan page.

Therefore, I am unable to load a flight plan created by FS9 or, to insert the route manually.

(I have Wilco Airbus 318,320,321 in FS9  and have not such problem).


I have read the Wico manual, and a very excecellent tutorial on creating a Wilco E170 flight plan.


I must have a corrupt file.  My only resort is to download the file again from Wilco Publishing.




PS  1.  deleted the E170 files ---downloaded E170 from WilcoPub.com

       2.  installed E170 in FS9

       3.  in FLT PLAN page....no airport code in 1L ORIGIN

            Therefore unable to enter manual rout or load a flight plan

            since FMC does not know the code of the departure airport.


I give up unless you have another suggestion.  


Wilco Pub no longer supports this sim.  I also checked the FS MODULES folder

that the file "gps_export dll" 6,444 bytes exists.  It does.


I might install the FS9 default GPS which will allow me to see where I am going

to use a flight plan, although I must fly it manually, with limited autopilot use,  and land manually with

no ILS.  Sad the aircraft has very nice handling, flying characteristics.

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You say you have initialized the FMC with your current location. The current location should come up on the FMC. If it's not it means the FMC cannot read the database. The Wilco planes carry the same database and also use the same programming as it was made for wilco by feelthere. I'm at a loss why one reads and one doesn't, which leads me to believe your install is corrupt or some other thing.

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Thanks for your help.  I have downloaded the sim twice from Wilco and reinstalled it about four times.  If the install is corrupt then it happened every time with two different downloads.

I give up.  May try to use aircraft using the default FS9 GPS.


Again, thank you.

Happy New Year

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