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iFly737NG fuel cut off switches?

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I have been trying to assign 2 buttons on the CH Throttles Quadrant to the individual fuel cutoff switches on the 737, but can't seem to find the appropriate mapping in fsuipc, either Direct or key strokes. Does anyone know how this can be achieved in fsuipc?


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Hi Stuart.


  You'll need to be running iFlyFSUIPC software (to integrate the iFLY offsets into FSUIPC)..


   Create a file called engine_cutoff.lua in your modules directory and copy/past the following script into it (it toggles the state on/off each time)...

function engine_cutoff (pi_engine)
if ((nil==pi_engine) or (0==pi_engine)) then
local l_valve_pos = ipc.readUW(ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].valve)
ipc.log ("    Engine "..pi_engine.." valve is "..l_valve_pos)
if (0 == l_valve_pos) then
ipc.log ("    Switching ON  Engine"..pi_engine)
l_valve_cmd = ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].idle
ipc.log ("    Switching OFF Engine "..pi_engine)
l_valve_cmd = ENGINE_OFFSET[li_engine].cutoff
l_fsuipc_val = ipc.writeUW(IFLY.command,l_valve_cmd)

now startup your simulator and go into the FSUIPC menu and assign your buttons to LUA engine_cutoff... if you provide parameter value 2 it will toggle the engine 2 etc..


Hope this helps





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Many thanks for that, I'll give it a try.

I have never used fsuipc luas before, so have other questions.

Firstly you mention that I would need to run iflyfsuipc software. Is this the lua that you document or something else?

Also, is it possible to separate the 'On' from the 'Off' rather than single toggle lua?

Thanks again


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Seems a complicated way to do something simple that doesn't need a script, especially when the simple way is just there on the modules menu in FSX,

In 'Key Assignments' - assign a key press to fuel cutoff/idle to toggle or set key presses to select either IDLE or CUTOFF then in FSUIPC - move the switch you want to use then assign the same key press you've assigned to that function.

Mine works fine, took a minute to setup.

I do have problems assigning 2 keys ( , and .) that work perfect within FSX.

The fuel cutoff  worked as expected at first try.





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Hi Stuart,


Sorry for delay -  yes the key assignments in the Ifly menu, I tried it just with keyboard presses as I'm still setting myself

up with yoke and getting my head around the compound type settings, still waiting for throttle quadrants to be delivered.


I had yoke, my hotas X and combat pedals setup then lost the lot and I hadn't backed it up.


Could you do me a favour?

Try any function you know works but set to either full stop or comma, I can't get either to work from key assignments,

both are ok via FSX own key assignments but I'm trying to move most settings over to FSUIPC/Ifly keys.

One of the guys is looking into it for me via Ifly forum as well.

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Sorry but I won't have time to try out your key assignments until the weekend. Just a thought, have you made sure the the full stop and comma are not used, or disabled, in any other program including FSX, since I thought the comma was normally used in FSX by default for the ATC window.


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