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I would first like to apologise if I am posting on the wrong forum or if I have missed something obvious. However, I am becoming very puzzled with what I believe is a conflict between EZDOK & FSUPIC and I am not 100 percent certain which is to blame or if any???


Anyway, I am a fully registered user of FSUIPC 4.94.


I completed a full install of P3D v3. Installed FSUIPC - No problem so far.


I then install EZDOK - Set up the aircraft views etc - No problem so far.


However, on restarting P3D v3. I get a message from EZDOK stating "Application cannot run. First start configure tool  for registered components". I have followed the install procedure for EZDOK and I am lost. If I leave my joystick unplugged EZDOK will load no problem. However on completion of EZDOK loading I then plug my joystick in EZDOK will not recognise it.


The reason I am suggesting FSUIPC is the problem, is because EZDOK works ok until FSUPIC is installed. Even if I use the free / unregistered or my registered version no luck.


I am running everything as Administrator and have searched various forums on the web and nobody seems to have this problem. (Which is why I think it may be me!)


Any ideas?

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