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Setting up incremental spoilers up/down

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I'd like to be able to have a key which will increase spoilers incrementally (and another to decrease of course) rather than all or nothing in FS9 - and then programme that into my Saitek X52. Googling this informed me that it should be programmable in FSUIPC. The manual says (p.31) that one function that can be set up is:


Spoiler inc and Spoiler dec controls, which raise or lower the spoilers (speed brakes) by a small amount on each use.

The increment is set, by default, to give 32 steps in the whole range, but you can change that in the FSUIPC.INI file — see the Advanced User’s document.


But I can't find any reference to that in the Advanced User's Manual other than one mention of the word 'Spoilers' on p.37. So I tried setting this up anyway via the FSUIPC/FS9 window but, not really being as familiar with the programme as I doubtless should be, I am not making much progress.


I went into the 'Key Presses' tab and selected \ for Spoilers Dec and / for Spoilers Inc, making sure I deleted any key presses in Fs9 itself for spoilers. The key presses show on the right-hand side. Without a 'tutorial' though I am a bit lost: when I press \ in FS9 three or four times (choosing the default B747 as a test) the spoilers do move a little way. A few more key presses and they move once more. If I continue pressing / the spoilers suddenly jump to full. So just three positions. The decrease key \ doesn't work at all.


Clearly I am not doing this correctly: could anyone kindly help me, ideally with a bit of a 'step-by-step' to what I need to do?


Many thanks.

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OK, tried in the air instead of on the ground, and all seems to work fine in the default FS9 B747. Is there no end to Pete's programming skills??!!


In other a/c though it isn't quite so good and I am getting odd behaviour. For example, with the PSS Airbuses, the key to increase spoilers incrementally always works for seven clicks/inputs (at which point the spoilers lever registers about 1/4 up - which in some a/c has no braking effect at all): then the 8th. click flips them to 'armed' position, instead of continuing down towards full. Similarly, starting at fully extended, the key to decrease spoilers incrementally works all the way back up to 1/4, at which point any further clicks sets them to 'armed'.


In PMDG 737s (this is all FS9 BTW), nothing happens at all, no speed brake repsonse to key presses. The Level-D 767: the spoilers flip between up and down with perhaps just one increment...


has anyone found it possible to tweak these a/c (and others, like PMDG MD-11) so that they work properly with this FSUIPC setting?


Thanks for any help with this.


(Later: Already had three BSODs testing this with the Saitek X52. Error shows "x07E - Saik075C.sys"! Rather annoying! A Saitek rather than FSUIPC issue I am sure... but anyone else experienced the same thing at any stage?)

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