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Tracon 2012 Editor: "ALS, ALE" values


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After complaining the SIDs weren't working, and then digging into the editor to try to fix them, I realized a lot of the published altitudes WERE in the database, but in the AlS/AlE fields, not the Alt field.  The issue is, the simulator appears to completely ignore the AlE/AlS values, and will always fly to the Alt specified in the leg.  Since "Alt" was always (or almost always) 5000, "climbing" aircraft will always stick at 5000, regardless of the other values.

So the question is, is this just a bug, or is there some special way of altering the three values to get them to work as expected/described in the manual?

(And once I complete fixing all of them to use Alt, does anyone/FeelThere want the fruit of my labors??   :) )

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Since nobody's reading this anyway, after struggling for hours last night trying to get my new sector going, I really have to say this:

The fact that the editor still crashes to desktop when you try to save runways (and that I had to hunt around on dead forums to find this out), after four years, and that "use the same editor the dev team did!" is still part of the advertising, is really kind of shameful.  I mean, I was going to have to get into the XML and do a lot of it manually anyway, but for those who might just have wanted to even tweak some of the existing sectors, not being able to save RUNWAYS?  In an AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL simulator?

It's astonishing, kind of.

Oh well.  Such is what I've come to expect being a fan of this genre.  

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