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3 minutes ago, akme said:

It is possible to use FSUIPC with the new Dovetail Flight School ?

No. And I very much doubt it is open to any sort of additions internally. Do you have a copy already? Dovetail haven't been in touch with me at all. I suspect it's a contained setup like MS Flight. was



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25 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

Is it released already? I didn't know. I'll take a look later this week.

I'm downloading it now, to have a look tomorrow. So far it is looking familiar, in file structure in any case. May it is a straight FSX derivative after all, unlike MS Flight.



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I've installed it and taken a look. Apart from it being 64-bit (which would be a total new development for FSUIPC or similar), and looking like it is using similar files and structures to FSX, its code is organised totally differently, mostly in one monolithic EXE by the look of it. I doubt whether there's any way of getting a third party module to load, let alone run, and there's no sign of any usable external interface like SimConnect, thogh it may simply be that I don't know how to get to it. I think Dovetail have already said there won't be an SDK..

Things might change with the promised DoveTail Flight Simulator, of course, but I think Flight School must be regarded as an entity on its own, though probably expandable in the scenery and aircraft areas. But even the Flight Simulator would, if possible, need a completely new 64-bit version of FSUIPC. With the sorts of things FSUIPC does it is anything but a simple re-compilation. Whether it will be worth doing remains to be seen. A future 64-bit Prepar3D may be the better target to concentrate on. We'll see.


Reading some of the answers from Dovetail about their Flight Simulator, this is one very important quote:

"FSUIPC will not be supported because we want to make sure it is not needed in the first place."


So, there you have it. It will not be needed, and that saves me a helluva lot of work! ;-)



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Thank you Peter;

I will continue my development using FSUIPC in Prepard3D. So far Prepar3D is the best Flight Simulator. Especially with Orbx, Carendo addons.

It may be that Dovetail Games is making the same mistake that Microsoft made with the "Microsoft Flight." Do not listen to the old Simmers.

Sorry for the English, I'm using Google Translate. I live in sao paulo Brazil



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