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How to generate AITraffic into FSX or P3D

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I'm working on a Tower Simulator project that i have to generate a some of AI Traffic to FSX or P3D and manage them from my .Net Application, i did this task before, using Simconnect but after using the FSUIPC Client for .Net i found it very easy to use rather than Simconnect i reading many values from FSX or P3D like (Player Lon, Lat, Airspeed,...) but i could not find any example how to generate AI Traffic and place them into the simulator in order to monitor and manage them (Taxing, Takeoff, Landing, Parking,...).

So please help me in this task.


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Thanks for reply

But is there any intention in the future releases to create AI Traffic using the .Net Client Dll, is there any problem? because it will be a hard task for me to manage to create the AI Traffic using Simconnect with its proc and cons and monitor and track these AI Traffic from the FSUIPC Client .Net.

Another question please, after creating these AI Traffic using Simconnect, can i control them (Takeoff, landing, waypoints, ... ) using the FSUIPS client .Net.

Thanks again for your reply

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The dll only sends requests to FSUIPC. If FSUIPC cannot create AI Traffic then my client DLL cannot do this either. There is nothing I can do.

I don't think Pete will ever add AI Traffic creation to FSUIPC. The main purpose of the FSUIPC4 data interface is to provide a way of running applications designed to work with FS9 and earlier to run with FSX and P3D. It is not a complete alternative to SimConnect.

Many people still use FSUIPC because it's easier than SimConnect and they may also want their application to run with FS9. But if you chose FSUIPC, you cannot use some of the 'new' FSX/P3D SimConnect features like AI Traffic, and some of the camera controls for example.



after creating these AI Traffic using Simconnect, can i control them


Sorry, no, for the same reason as above: FSUIPC cannot do this, so neither can my client dll.


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