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Brunner CLS Economy Yoke

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Hi Pete,

I have the above yoke. It works in one of two mode Software and Hardware mode. here is a description from the website of each mode:

Trimming in MSFX and Prepar3D

Let's look at the FSX and Prepar3D trim systems. The key thing to understand is that the FSX and Prepar3D trim systems are designed for mechanical joysticks (non force feedback). With a mechanical joystick the only place of no resistance is at the physical center of the joystick motion and it can't be changed, therefore the procedure of trimming as described in the above section can not be applied. To counter this, Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D do not change yoke forces, but instead the elevator position when trimming. Now, the yoke remains in center position, while the simulation adds a artificial offset to the yoke input.

-> In MSFX, to achieve realistic trim, read the "Software Trim" section below.


Trimming in CLS2Sim

The force feedback systems of Brunner Elektronik AG all have the ability to change their neutral position, allowing the simulation of real-life trim. Unfortunately Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D have not accounted for this possibility in their implementation. Furthermore, the influence of trimming is not proportional to the attitude of the aircraft, preventing CLS2Sim from cancelling out unrealistic trim effects. 
CLS2Sim provides two modes of operation for trim namely Software and Hardware.

Software Trim

If no buttons have been mapped to trim functionality, or if any button has been mapped to a "Trim - .." action, software trim will be used. 

Software trim reads the trim position from the simulation and button presses mapped to "Trim - ..." actions will be transmitted to the simulation. In MSFX, to achieve realistic trim behaviour, you need to edit the "aircraft.cfg" file of the plane you will be flying. Search for the setting "elevator_trim_limit" and set it to "0.1". Be careful not to enter any spaces, so that the line will read exactly "elevator_trim_limit=0.1". Open CLS2Sim, go to the setup tab and gradually increase the trim "Movement %" setting until the yoke movement is satisfactory.

Hardware Trim

To use hardware Trim, select "HWTrim" action in button settings of profile. You must not use any "Trim" actions, or hardware trim will be disabled.

CLS2Sim decouples the trim functionality from the simulation. Consequently the simulation has no knowledge of the current trim setting of the yoke and most commercial trim controls will not work out of the box. To help circumvent this limitation, the remote control interface of CLS2Sim provides read and write access to the hardware trim data, allowing third-party software to interact with it.

I'm not sure if FSUIPC is this 3rd party software? Computer programming is not my strong point. CLS2SIM enables the joystick to be detected by FSUIPC for button mapping but you have to go through it for trimming to enable the force feedback etc. it would be ideal to operate in hardware mode and map the change to the aircraft trim ... Does this make sense?

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FSUIPC knows nothing about any specific joysticks or yokes, and I've not even heard of this one. There is certainly no force feedback provided by FSUIPC. As far as I knew, you must assign directly in FS for force feedback, assuming it is to a standard it understands..

FSUIPC can calibrate axes no matter where they are assigned, because that part works on the FS controls for the surfaces you assign to, not on the joystick inputs themselves.

I'm afraid I don't really know what they mean about the interface for "third party software" -- presumably any program which knows this device and has programming for it.

Maybe there's a hardware Forum where you can get more advice? Otherwise just follow the guidelines given for FSX use.

BTW underlining whole paragraphs certainly doesn't make them very easy to read -- quite laborious in fact. I would suggest you don't do that in future!


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