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No Approach Lines (TOWER 2011)

Ty Jackson

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I was playing KPHL for 2011 and tried to use runway 17 for landing, but no aircraft would accept. So I tried restarting Tower2011 with ONLY runway 17 as the active runway and the game crashes saying "Fatal error - no approach lines for runway". I've looked at the airfield in the airfield editor and it does have runway 17 outgoing and incoming. Does anyone know how to create an approach line for a runway?

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I can't recall if "17_incoming" was missing, .. or, if the altitude was incorrect/switched around, .. or, if the type was incorrect.

If you have a decent text editor, .. then, the best way to fix it, .. is to copy the lines below, .. and paste them into your .. Philadelphia_Airfield.afx  file.

Obviously, if you already have a "17_incoming", .. then make sure you overwrite that entry.

Alternatively, .. just check your entry with my one. 2 important things to look for .. i.e. "type=6" and,  z="3000.000000" (make sure it's on the 2nd line of the entry, .. and NOT the 3rd), .. if it's there at all.

<road name="17_incoming" filter="" type="6" direction="1" width="150.000000" detail="10" tangent="0.500000" radar="0" roundflag="0" knotsnum="2">
  <knot x="-5654.413086" y="-44399.996094" z="3000.000000" gatetype="0" gateroad=""/>
  <knot x="1099.352783" y="-1307.767334" z="0.000000" gatetype="0" gateroad=""/>




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It seems that the exit strategy for this runway is left, and there is no exits to the left. Make an exit and it will work, however not so realistic.

Here is an answer for the exit strategy from Feelthere, but seems wrong in this situation and seems it cannot be forced to use the right exits.


It's a weighted system. It means it will always exit where the majority of the gates are. It will be reworked for Tower!3dPro.


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