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  1. Yeah you are right about that, my wrong
  2. May I suggest you go to "Tower 3D\Extensions\Airfields\KLAX" folder and edit the klax_terminal file in there, I guess you have a line with Terminal_GA This terminal dosnt exist so remove it
  3. It is possible with the airport editor to do that, but not via commands
  4. As it still is the same files in airport.xt, airlines.txt and so on you can use the ones from Tower2011 you already have corrected in the addons folders in Tower 3D
  5. Here is a file with traffic for TIST of mine, unzip these into the before mentioned path from futureboy and edit the tist_gaandlocaltraffic.txt to suit your needs for different approaches, stop n go, touch n go, low approach have to be 1 instead of 0 for the approach you want TIST.rar
  6. No I downloaded a file that you have created in an earlier post and yes it is in the correct place. It works fine KPHL and before the service pack I had the same problem with KLAX, but the hours with the error was from 0:00 to 6:00 , so it makes me think it has to do with UTC and local time and not SC24
  7. Just tried your schedule and I get the 70% error when trying to start in the hours from 1900 to 2400 at KLAX
  8. All is white and all aircraft is substituted as ex, wide body jet, narrow body jet, turboprop which you can see in the airplanes.txt. This is the same in Tower 2011 until we get real plane models from Nyerges Real Traffic in Tower3D. So yes both A388 and B772 is the same plane as now. Hope you enjoy the sim
  9. It seems that the exit strategy for this runway is left, and there is no exits to the left. Make an exit and it will work, however not so realistic. Here is an answer for the exit strategy from Feelthere, but seems wrong in this situation and seems it cannot be forced to use the right exits. It's a weighted system. It means it will always exit where the majority of the gates are. It will be reworked for Tower!3dPro.
  10. Here is my airports.txt airports.txt
  11. Just unzip this file into the Tower 3D main folder and you are good to go, it will create the needed folders
  12. I dont, did you use all my files or only some of them? The 70% error seems to be from the terminal.txt file and caused by terminal_GA in KLAX
  13. Seems the problem was in terminal.txt where I had Terminal_GA and removing that fixed KLAX
  14. I will like to share my schedules for all 3 airports in Tower 3D with other simmers, all tested and working well. For TIST I have used the schedule made by Carda1972, and flights are only from 12.00 to 18.00 local time and is including GA flights as well and both the GA ramp and the terminal are used correct here, thx to him. All terminals are assigned correct for both KLAX and KPHL and schedule are made with Schedule Creator 23 V2 . Just unzip this file into the Tower 3D folder and you are good to go, enjoy Extensions.rar
  15. Starting KLAX at 2.00 AM 3.00 AM starts the simulator at 6.00 AM game.log
  16. When sending planes from cargo area to runway 27L in PHL crossing 27L and onto taxiway S, they are holding short for taxiway S. Also still when setting a start time in the game the game starts an hour later, choosing 11.00, then it start 12.00 game.log
  17. Thats really not the issue there as airplanes with longer landing distance than the runway, actually the last exit point on the runway, should not be assigned to this runway, but sure it will help for the aircrafts with reduced landing lenghts, so they can exit
  18. In the gate trg you have to put the runways they are arriving from or departing to, not the crossing runway and the gate type is where you can choose which directions the trigger will work, so looking at your upper picture, planes will hold short if they have arrived or is taxiing to runway 7L or 25R both ways , the lower picture no planes will stop
  19. This is what is inside my bat file tower3d.exe -logFile game.log just right click on the bat file and click edit check thats what inside your bat file and you can change this to another path so the game.log goes somewhere else if there is a problem with user rights to as an example tower3d.exe -logFile d:\game.log and then save
  20. Just left click 2 times as normal
  21. RWY 26 no escape at PHL in Tower 3D for arriving aircrafts
  22. Tower 3D is sending planes to rwy 35 and 26 which cant land there, and have to be rerouted to my second rwy for arrivals rwy 27R, I dont think this should happen
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