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Hi, I have been using FSUIPC for a LONG time. I just recently had to reload all my software on my computer due to a hard drive crash. I am now using the STEAM version of FSX, and upgraded to the new version of FSUIPC. When I put in my old registration information, it did not recognize it as valid.

In the mean time, I've moved, change my email account a couple times and would like to update my information with FSUIPC so I can use it again.

My old info was :

Name: Rick Malmsten

(old) email: grandpa1955@charter.net  (my new email is now registered on this site)

Keys removed,    !!! NEVER SHOW KEY INFORMATION !!!

Can someone help me get the new software registered under my new email address and a valid Key for FSUIPC and WIDEFX?



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Registration information, Name or Email address cannot be changed when once provided.

Just use the registration information exactly as they where given when you bought FSUIPC4/ WideFS. Best is to copy and paste the original information instead of typing them.

Also make sure the PC date is later than the date when you bought FSUIPC/ WideFS.


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Correct registration for FSUIPC4/ WideFS7, FSUIPC3/ WideFS for FS9 and older is different !
PC Date -> current
Name -> exactly as at the time you bought, lower/ upper case and spaces
Email -> exactly the one you had at the time when you bought
Key -> exactly as given
Best way is always to copy from your account into a text file and then transfer the file to your FS PC.
Then copy and paste from that file the info into the fields. Typing gives very often errors.



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