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I am getting this airline at KCLT:

SWD, A4, SOUTHERN WINDS, Southern Winds Airlines, Argentina

Not occasionally, but constantly..  Microsoft ANNA pronounces this airline as "Southern Wind (as in 'wind' a watch)"

With SC 23 there is NO SWD airlines, but an abundance of American Airlines, which is as it should be. 

Anybody else experience this?  Is there a fix?

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You can eliminate SWD from the airline file.  Go to Tower 2011 databases folder, find the "airline.txt" file, search for SWD, and then either delete that line, or place "//" (no quotes) in front of it so it will be skipped when the sim starts.

Are you using SC 23 to build your schedules?  It is a puzzle to me why you are getting those flights since SWD is not part of SC 23.

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Yes, I do use SC 23 to run all my airports, KCLT included, and it made all the difference in the world when I did run it for CLT.  And, no I am NOT getting SWD in SC 23.  It's just in the default schedule that they occur.  But, on the other hand, there are very few, if any American Airlines that show up on the default schedule, but there should be because American is the major airline out of Charlotte now.

I will do as you say and eliminate the SWD airline.  You haven't steered me wrong yet!

Thanks for the help.


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