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HID and G1000 Hardware

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Windows 10 working with no issues

Prepar 3D v 3.3 working with no issues

Carenado Phenom 300 for Prepar3D working with no issues

I have purchased FSUIPC4-t.955C

I have downloaded the PFChid141 HID module, unzipped it, and put it in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Modules   folder.


I had a set of PFD and MFD G1000 hardware controllers.


Rotory knobs show up as joystick buttons in windows gaming section.

My son tells me the buttons are HID.  These do not show up at all, for anything.

I run a small program called encoder keys. I maximize the program window, and I can then see it displaying a unique number each time a push button is pressed.

If I turn off encoder keys, press buttons stop working.  There is a way to program an ini file in encoder keys, but I really don't understand how it works. No docs.


In Prepar3D controls or in FSUIPC - the joystick buttons (rotory knobs) show up.  My only problem here is which of the many items in the drop down list do I pick

to make the AP come on,

as an example.  I select what I think is the AP function in the drop down list, and the flaps work.  Is there any more detailed explanation of what each drop down

selection is supposed to control?  They list is very cryptic to those of us who just don't know.  Same issue in Prepar3D / controls list of commands available.  

Even though the rotory buttons show up, and you program them, they do not always work.


Same with the press buttons.

I have been able to program the PFD's   AP, FD, HDG and BC buttons.  But the rest do not work, even though they show up as long a encoder keys is running in the



I admit to being lost in the maze.  Can anyone possibly help me identify my problem(s) and provide a guide to my solution to this?


Thank you.



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FSUIPC can read Controller axis and buttons that are seen by windows as a Game controller or Joystick controller, others will not be seen even if they are HID controllers.

The PFCHid... module will ONLY work with PFC hardware it was written for but not for others!

What is the make of those PFD and MFD G1000 hardware controllers ? Don't they have a special driver from their manufacture?



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