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Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to find out what version of the add-ons I have installed is, and what the latest version of both the add-on's and sim's is?

I have tried to find out through the Tower2011! and Tracon2012! sim, the files in the installation folder and through the windows uninstall function, and can't find a version number anywhere. I also can't find any update details online. All my add-ons and sim's were bought either through ATCSuite or JustFlight.

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Tower 2011! purchased 15/07/2011. I have version 3.263.788 installed.

Addons I have for that with purchase dates are:

  • Real Traffic 22/07/2011
  • KLAS 22/07/2011
  • KBOS 29/01/2012
  • KJFK 29/01/2012
  • KSFO 29/01/2012
  • KATL 31/01/2012
  • KPHL 24/03/2013
  • KORD 24/03/2013
  • KRDU 20/04/2013
  • EDDF 09/03/2015
  • EGKK 15/06/2015

Tracon 2012! purchased 19/10/2012. I have version 5.829.1077 installed.

  • Real Traffic 21/10/2012
  • London 27/06/2013

Would any of these now be out of date?

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