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Please post support requests in the main support forum, not in one of the sub-forums, UNLESS your problem is related to the .NET client dll, in which case you should post in FSUIPC Client DLL for .NET sub-forum, or for issues with FSUIPC7 (for MSFS) in which case you should post in FSUIPC / MSFS sub-forum.

We cannot help anyone without any information. Nor do I support old versions. So:

Please always install the currently supported one or later before asking for help. The ZIP packages with the Installer are available here in the Download Links -> Updated Modules sub-forum and also over at www.fsuipc.com.

When you are sure you are using the supported version, if you still get a problem please provide the following information:

1. If raising a new topic / issue, give the post a reasonable descriptive title - if it is aircraft or controller specific, try and include those in the title as well.

2. A full description of the problem. Just saying things like "stops", "crashes", "freezes", "stutters", and "unplayable" is no help whatsoever. You must describe what happens -- i.e. what you see on screen and how you detect there is a 'problem'.

3. If there is a crash, then I need to see the Windows crash details -- especially the Module name and offset and the error code. If you forget to read in in the crash message, or it isn't there, check in the Windows Application logs in the Event Viewer. (Search 'Event Viewer' in the Windows Start edit box).

4. If FSUIPC is indeed loading, then it will generate a log file telling you and us what it is doing. This is most important. it is called FSUIPC<version>.LOG (where <version> is the FSUIPC version number, either 4, 5, 6, 7), and is found in your installation folder (which is the Modules folder for FSUIPC5 an earlier). It is a text file and you can attach it to your post.

Also, if the problem is related to joystick recognition or assignment, then attach the file FSUIPC<version>.Joyscan.csv as well.

(Note: Make sure you have turned off the annoying option in Windows Explorer which hides the full filenames from you. Otherwise distinguishing "LOG", "INI", "CFG" and "TXT" files is a pain.)

5. We also need to know if your FSUIPC is registered, and what other add-ons you are using. Also whether it's a default aircraft or an add-on aircraft.

6. Sometimes we may need to see your FSUIPC settings - especially if it an issue with your assignments. Those are in the FSUIPC<version>.INI file, again in the installation folder, and yet again another text file.


Please also try searching the forum(s) before posting - most issues have already been asked and a solution readily available - if not already covered in the extensive documentation that we provide - although admittedly this can be difficult to navigate. 

Thanks for your understanding,

Pete & John

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