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NGX MCP altitude - correct values

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Hi folks, I am trying change altitude on MCP by rotary encoder, unfortunately I am not sure if I send to ipc.control correct data

ipc.control(70032, altitude)

value in altitude is correct, I have there (100,200....1000,1100.......12000....) It works only for first three hundred, and then even though I change altitude value by rotary, the value on MCP will not change. Could someone help me? Thank you.



I tried to send it real altitude /100. This works fine, but only for increasing altitude. If I turn with rotary to anti-clockwise position, the value is decreasing, but altitude on MCP in FSX is still increasing.


EDIT2: Solved, I don't know why, but if I send there 

ipc.control(70032, 536870912)

it is decreasing.



Sorry, I have one more problem. When I send there real altitude, it is increasing till 35700. Why? I also noticed when I quick turning with rotary the value which I send to ipc.control is e.g. 2100 but it sets only 2000.

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You could use either (depends on the variable):

(1) ipc.control(xxxxx, 16384) to increase, and ipc.control(xxxxx, 8192) to decrease,


(2) ipc.control(xxxxx, -2147483648) to increase, and ipc.control(xxxxx, 536870912) to decrease.

Please see thread:


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