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with the new tower 3D SP2 update...planes landing at LAX on runway 7L--will not taxi to the terminal, and therefore have to delete the plane.

Also, I have had the game crash twice with the new SP2--it never crashed once, with the SP1 update or the original program.

Any suggestions??

Love playing, but it's very irritating to be on a good run, and have the game crash randomly.


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i waited a normal amount of time...it's happened more than once....i also increased the game's speed and it still never moved...I have had to delete more than one plane..

I was using runways--24L--7L--& 7R

its only the one's landing on 7L--they take their first exit to the terminal..and just sit there...

just wanted you guys to know maybe there's a quick fix....

thanks for responding

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I have had the same problem on KPHL tonight. Planes landing on 09R, after I give them taxi instruction and they read it back, they never moves. I tried continue taxi, but that didn't work. I also tried to issue new taxi instructions, but the plane never moved and I had to delete it. 

I have real traffic installed if it has anything to do with it.


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By the first exit, do you mean taxiway T?  I can neither confirm nor deny aircraft not taxing to the terminal from KLAX 7L.  

If a plane seems to sit for too long I will check to see if there is a path to the terminal.  
          If there is, I check the speed, if the speed is 0, I will issue a "continue taxi" command and check the speed again to see if it starts to move.
          If there is no path and the status is state_waiting or state_escape_runway, I will issue the "taxi to terminal" command and check the speed to see if it starts moving and the state switches to state_to_terminal.

Hope this helps.


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