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I thought it might be a good idea to ask here if my project is possible at all. I am quite experienced in programming, but have never done LUA nor FSX plugins. So, maybe you can tell me if that is possible and give me a hint about the path to go. Or maybe some nice soul does it for me :-)

I want to use my single joystick as a tiller and toe break actuator. I have the FSL Airbus 320X in mind, mainly, but not exclusively.

(1) The script should make my rudder axis act as "steering set", IF the speed is below 35 knots, the airplane is on the ground, and the thrust axis is less than 25%. It would be nice to gradually replace the rudder with the steering between 25 and 35.

(2) The script should send the positive elevator settings as toe break (left and right) action to FSX, IF the airplane is on the ground, and the thrust axis is less than 25%.

Of course, a second joystick can do all that in combination with FSUIPC. But why clutter the desk with another device?

Thanks for any replies (and for the FSUIPC addon)

Yours, Rene

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Yes, you can do what you want with a Lua plug-in. Apart from the documentation provided (in your FSUIPC documents folder) about the FSUIPC-specific additions for Lua, and the numerous examples in the ZIP in the same folder, full documentation for Lua, including tutorials I think, is provided by the Lua folks on their website. The link is provided in the FSUIPC Lua documentation. There are also books on Lua.

Please always post support questions to this main support forum, not to the specialised sub-forums, otherwise they might not get noticed.



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