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FSUIPC Updated - disappeared in P3Dv3 Add-on

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I just updated to FSUIPC 4.957b (licensed version). The installation log (succesful) is attached.

I run P3D v.3.3  and Simconnect 3.3.5 on a Win10 machine.

PROBLEM: The "FSUIPC" entry in the Add-ons Menu has disappeared (both with default plane and with PMDG 737NGX).

Controls do not work any more.

I then updated P3D to v 3.4.9 (latest version). Same situation.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

Giorgio Goggi

FSUIPC4 Install.log

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13 minutes ago, goggi said:

PROBLEM: The "FSUIPC" entry in the Add-ons Menu has disappeared

NOTE: you posted this support question in the "FAQ" subforum. I've moved it for you so it can get attention -- you are lucky that I saw it. Please ALWAYS post support questions to the Support Forum. That is what it is for!

Whilst the installation was successful, this:

FSUIPC4_Loader section already exists but will be replaced.
     (with FSUIPC4_Loader entry)

indicates you are trying to use the Loader DLL, rather than FSUIPC4 directly. Why is this? It is only recommended in very very special circumstances which only really apply to FSX.

To fix this you need to remove the Loader DLL from the Modules folder and re-run the Installer. (Never copy all of the files from the ZIP into the Modules folder. Read the Installation instructions).

If doing this doesn't fix the problem I need to see the DLL.XML file from this folder:

C:\Users\Giorgio\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3

Also, see if an FSUIPC4.LOG file is being produced in the Modules folder when you run P3D. If it is, then FSUIPC4 is getting loaded, so something else must be wrong. I'd need to see that Log file in that case.



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thank you SO MUCH! All OK now.

I fail to understand what happened during the previous installation, but now all is fine.

Thanks again,



PS not sure whether this reply will fall in the right place,..apologies.

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