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Runway Exiting and Instructions


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First let me disclose that I am a real world ATC with 10 years experience including 3.5 years at KSAN (Lindbergh), and the two best things about the Lindbergh operation were running the "squeeze plays" as we called them between the arrivals, of which I might add tower3d recreates very well. The other part was the concert that LC and GC must conduct to manage the runway exits and  TWY B, it is in this part where I have my question.

First let me say that when landing RWY 27, of the air carriers rarely SWA and sometimes SKW and Envoy were the only ones who would exit at B6  and they would only do it if they were prepped for it. Most would land for SWA and the SKW/Envoy B7 or B8,  and all others were B8 or later,  GA and the PCM C208 would mostly make C6 for the Northside but some didn't.  So when I have a departure say east of B9 but west of B8 taxing to RWY 27 and I want an arrival to Exit at B9 as it's gate is west of B8. I typed in the command "Callsign VIA B9 B Taxi to terminal" the aircraft readback "SAY AGAIN" so I tried "Callsign Taxi to Terminal VIA B9 B" and the aircraft readback "Taxi to terminal via B9 B" yet the aircraft exited at B6 and collided with the departure. SO what is the best way to issue a runway exiting instruction for an aircraft to turn at a specified exit without using voice.

Thank you



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12 hours ago, Flightsimpilot said:

Am I to believe that the feature for instructions for taxiway exits will be available as an SP for Tower3D 

Unfortunately no. It will be a PRO only feature. The non pro version will not receive any new feature they are reserved for PRO. Only fixes will make the SP for the non pro version.

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37 minutes ago, Flightsimpilot said:

Thanks for that,   will there be a fix to allow arrival aircraft to go further than B6 so departing aircraft can then taxi to RWY 27 rather than having a race to see who can get to B6 first, this is of course at KSAN

There will be no fix as it's not a bug. They exit the first available exit based on their landing distance. 

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