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Help with Widefs install

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9 minutes ago, 1spike said:

cant get widefs to start on second computer, The parameter is incorrect error.

The client part of WideFS is WideClient.exe. The logs to diagnose problems are WideServer.Log and WideClient.log. It's no use giving me stuff relating to FSUIPC. Please read the WideFS user guide.



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1 hour ago, 1spike said:

Have wideclient.exe  and wideclient.ini on second computer desktop, when i run the exe i get that error.I checked the widefs zip file and did not see a wideclient.log next to the wideclient.exe file

The log is produced when you run WideClient.exe and is placed it the same folder. It isn't in the ZIP file. The ZIP file is how WideClient in supplied.  A log is not supplied because it reflects what happens when you run the program!

The Server logs just indicate that the server is working and waiting for the Client to respond.

If you cannot show me the run time log then it sounds like you have not run WideClient, as it always makes a log. You'll need to explain exactly what you mean by this:

2 hours ago, 1spike said:

The parameter is incorrect error.



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2 minutes ago, 1spike said:

When i click on the wideclient.exe i get this error message=" parameter is incorrect " and does not start the client

There is no such message in WideClient. 

Why did you look in the ZIP file for a LOG file? You have installed WideClient into a folder of your choice, have you not? If not then it can't run in any case.

If you have, did you edit the INI to address your Server, or have you made sure both PCs are in the same Workgroup?



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