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Floating offset remain at 0 with WideFS

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I've a problem with WideFS since a non desired reboot of all the 3 PCs of my network while P3D was running. It worked well before this event.

I upgraded to the last version of both FSUIPC and WideFS and for all PCs.

Now, I can't see offset like ground speed and rpm changing on only one remote PC. These offset remain at 0 on this remote PC, except offsets like pause is updating with the correct value.

On the other remote PC rpm is read perfectly. I can see that with FSInterrogate of program developped with SDK.

On the server PC with P3D v3.2, FSInterrogate show me that all the offset are changing.

I tried to compare ini files in the Widecleint directory but there's no difference with the backup.

What could be wrong ?

Thanks in advance

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9 minutes ago, Michel Merle said:

What could be wrong ?

I don't know without information. There are log files produced to help. They are always needed! WideServer.log at the Server end (in the Modules folder) and Wideclient.log at the client end, in the same folder as WideClient.



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Thank you Pete for your answer.

Yes, I checked these files, everything was connected. Wide Server showed all the applications.

Finally I checked the firewall on the remote PC and it was activated though I set it off. I don't know why it has been activated again, but anyway it works fine now like before. I don't know why just the floating variables were concerned. Maybe they use other ports not set by default...

I have another problem but not related to this problem. I'll post another message.

Thanks again.

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