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17 minutes ago, sibbritt said:

Is there any way to change the colour to clear & just have the text displaying ?

Not that display, it's a sim function being used. There are solutions using Lua plug-ins to make other windows. Here's one example, which also shows frame rate and traffic count. It won't be transparent, only translucent:

-- Update the display at 500 msec intervals (see event at end)
function mytimer(time)

    fr = ipc.readUW(0x0274)
    if fr ~= 0 then fr = 32768/fr end
    fr = math.floor((fr * 10) + 0.5)/10
    mem = ipc.readUD(0x024C)
    memmb = math.floor((mem/1024) + 0.5)
    traff = ipc.readUD(0x025C)
    ipc.display("Frame Rate   " .. fr .. 
    						" fps\nVAS free       " .. memmb .. 
    						" Mb\nTraffic            " .. traff)


-- Adjust timing to taste: 500 = 1/2 second
event.timer(500, "mytimer")

You can undock it and move it to another screen, or run it on a client PC under WideFS. I have another version which also displays the maximum free memory block size, but that needs an interim FSUIPC update which isn't released yet.

There are other solutions around, written by users. Take a look on the AVSIM forums for FSX or P3D.



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