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FSUIPC 4959 update

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Hello,just updated my P3D to version 3.4.9 and the pushback procedure doesn't work on my prosim 737 instructor station,so I read in prosim forum that updating FSUIPC to the 4959 version this problem should be solved. My question is: could you please provide me a link for an update,not for a new install?My problem is that my sim works on a 220 degree curved screen that doesn't allow me straight in to access to FSUIPC through P3D menu,so in order to do that I must uninstall the projection and connect a regular monitor. I have heard as well that a new FSUIPC install ( to this new version for  instance creates a new INI file forcing you to recalibrate the simulator ( which is something I am not for). So is there a way to update my version ( I don't know my current version since I can't enter FSUIPC from P3D due to the above fore mentioned issue( I bought it from sim market on Agust 2016) so my current calibration should remain as it is and solving my pushback issue?

Really appreciate your help

Thank you very much 







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the FSUIPC4 version number of your installed FSUIPC4 you will find in the FSUIPC4.log file (you can open with any text editor, i.e. Windows Editor). The file is located in your P3D main folder\Modules\ (i.e. YourDrive:\Prepar3D v3\Modules\). Direct in its first line i.e. ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.959 ...

You should be able to access the file i.e. from your Instructor Station PC over the network, normally you have to Share the FS folder.

But if your version is older than 4.959 you have to use the installer in any case.

Most correct information about behaviour of FSUIPC you will get / find here in the forum!

FSUIPC4 Installer does NOT modify or create a new INI file or it's content like your settings/ definitions/ calibrations.


There are free programs like TeamView or TightVNC you can handle your Server PC(FS) from a different PC, that's was the very most with a FlightSim do/ use. No need to change your screen setup or anything!!


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WideFS(7) is part of FSUIPC4 that means it is inside FSUIPC4. So when you update to latest FSUIPC4 you have automatically latest WidFS7.

The only thing you should then as well is updating WideClient on your client PC's to latest version. But same thing as with FSUIPC4, WideClient when replacing it with a newer version will NOT change settings in its INI file, so its save to do so. Just copy and paste the files out of the ZIP into the WideClient folder on your Client PC's.

WideClient 6.999z2

BTW- It is always good practice to have a copy of any INI and CFG file from FSUIPC4.ini / WideClient.ini / P3D.cfg ... just in case a possible change you might have done doesn't work or something goes wrong, so you can always revert or crosscheck.


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