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Altimeter setting with Airbus 320 FSLABS P3d/fsx

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20 minutes ago, vgmarimon said:

Hi Pete, some pilots of my VA are using FSLABS Airbus 320 with P3d/fsx and they report that altimeter setting ajusted in plane is not the same with 0x0330 offset value. Maybe this plane use another offset for altimeter setting?

Almost no add-on aircraft "use" any offsets at all these days. 0330 isn't an FSUIPC-set offset but a reflection of a value in FS called the "Kohlsman" setting, which is the name of the QNH adjustment used to set the altimeter to true altitude or flight levels, or QFE, as needed.

All writing to 0330 does is make FSUIPC send the Kohlsman contros to FS, just as if you'd assigned to those instead either in FS or FSUIPC, and as they are assigned in the default gauges for when you click with a mouse.

Many of the more sophisticated add-on aircraft, like the PMDG 777X and 737NGX, and the FSL Concorde, do bot use the normal FS instrumentation or internal values, but program their own. I would think that the FSL Airbus is of that same class. You'll need to find the correct way to adjust your altimeter with whatever facilities they provide.




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1 hour ago, vgmarimon said:

i'm only need to read value... not write...

You'll need to ask over at the FSL site. Maybe it's an L:Var (local panel variable), which would be readable (and writeable probably).


I only have problems with FSLABS, aerosoft, wilco, airsimmer uses this offsets perfectly...

As I said before, they do NOT use the offset at all. They are using the internal FS value, which FSUIPC exposes in that offset. Add-ons which don't use such FS internals won't normally be directly readable via offsets.



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I would like to jump in here as I also have this problem.
I am running FS Commander on a networked laptop with WideFS and the altimeter is not being read on the A320x. There is also a problem with ProATC that I run on my local PC with P3D, but that is through Simconnect. I’ve posted the issue at FsLabs and Pointsoft and got a reply from FsLabs:
“Pro-ATC may need to update the offsets it reads from. They'll need to get in touch with the developers at info@flightsimlabs.com”

Is that something you need to do as well Pete? :)



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