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I have had the following problems with FSUIPC(unregistered) associated specifically with Phoenix Simulation Software's Vulcan:

1. After upgrading to ver 3.1 from ver 2.85 the windshield wipers fail to operate when in virtual cockpit mode.

This was fixed by reinstalling ver 2.85.

2. After installing PSS Airbus 330 base pack, version 3.07 of FSUIPC was installed by the PSS installation program (this was the only version in modules folder of FS2002). Airbus worked fine, however when I attempted to load the Vulcan a black screen (no panel,sounds) appeared and then FS2002 froze solid.

Removed ver 3.07 and re-installed ver 2.85 and and everything worked fine.


P4 2.40B

Mem 512MB DDR333

video: MSI GeForce4 Ti-4200 128MBDDR; Nividia driver ver 45.23

OS: Windows 2000 Professional (5 SP4 build 2195)

DirectX 9.0b

FS2002 Professional

I have sent the same information to PSS.

Any suggestions as to what might be occurring :?:



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Any suggestions as to what might be occurring :?:

Sorry, no. You need PSS to advise. There is no difference in FSUIPC, though certainly if you have not registered FSUIPC I may expect there to be problems with un-accredited add-ons like the Vulcan. Though the windscreen wiper is certainly not a function of FS and nothing FSUIPC will be involved in. I have absolutely no idea what the Vulcan can be doing, and most certainly nothing to generate 'black screen' crashes, which sounds like a graphics problem. Sorry.


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