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KSAN and KJFK not available, Tower 3D PRO

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I downloaded and installed KSAN_Installer_Tower3D.zip and KJFK_T3D_Installer.zip. It appears they installed correctly into the C:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airfields directory. However, when I run the program in admin mode, both KSAN and KJFK are still "greyed out". What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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It seems its one of two things first have you downloaded the correct files relating to Pro there are 2 files 1 for 3D and 1 for Pro and secondly I suggest to download the correct files for KSAN and KJFK to the desktop then open Pro extensions airfields folder and drag KSAN and KJFK  across to the relevant folder. hope this works for you

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Thank you for your reply. I don't know where to find the PRO download for KSAN and KJFK. If I go to the download link that was provided when I purchased KSAN and KJFK, it will only download the non-pro version. Where would I find the download for the PRO KSAN and KJFK? Is it a new purchase? Thank you!

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I've done the same things as first poster and KSAN & KJFK. These files loaded where they were suppose to go. Yes, I loaded pro for pro version.

Within the game menu screen, KSAN & KJFK only show they are available as an add-on. In addition, I have windows 10 and now voice doesn't work like it did in T3D. I do have Voice Recognition

I let the software load where it shows on directory and don't manually change anything and it worked before T3DPro.

IMO, Someone really needs to write instructions as to the proper location each file and/or add-on needs to properly be directed.

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I finally got the add-ons to work after paying attention to detail in a couple of areas.

1. The installer program needs to be extracted first (the exe file). I made the mistake of running the file right away instead of extracting it first and then running the extracted  exe file.

2. The default install directory is the original Tower 3D directory, not the needed 3D PRO directory.

All good now - thank you for all the replies!


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