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FSUIPC not working with Prepar3D ver 3.4???

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I had a smooth running Prepar3d v 3.3 on the server with a connection to wideclient on the client. I use plan-G.  Registred FSUIPC ver 4.96 and wide 6.999Z1. Both machines windows 10 and in the same workgroup, no settings have  been changed. Prepar3D on a separate ssd d:/prepard3d.

I  installed Prepar3d clean to ver 3.4 and now wideclient is waiting for a connection. I noticed a warning while installing FSUIPC there could be some problems because of this new version of Prepar.

I checked the connection by installing again Prepard3D ver 3.3 on an old laptop. I could connect this machine with the wideclient normally.

Also I installed wideclient on my server and could connect this to Prepar3d ver 3.3 on the old laptop. Everything fine.

So it seems the new version of Prepar is not compatible with wideclient. Or there is another explanation?

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FSUIPC4.96 is out of date and not suitable for latest P3D, that's why you get already the warning on installation. Install latest FSUIPC4 first


and after first run with it install the latest update, just copy and paste the dll.


Also I installed wideclient on my server and could connect this to Prepar3d ver 3.3 on the old laptop.

WideClient doesn't connect to FS or P3D, it ONLY connects to FSUIPC. If you run WideClient on the same PC as FS/ P3D with FSUIPC it needs to run in a different Class. But why would you run WideClient on the FS PC when FSUIPC is anyway running on it already?


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