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Purchased 3D Pro day 1 but really have not tried it fully until yesterday. I am very impressed by the voice control, the game structure and so much more, I was hooked for hours! :) The only real shortcoming in my opinion is the graphics. My wife is a senior game graphics designer student and happened to stop by when I was playing and actually made a bit fun of me playing what she called a "The Sims" like graphics game. I dont know too much about Sims so I did not get the reference :) but future addons could really see a step up in the graphics department. Look at quality MSFS addons from Orbx and others and see the difference.

Anyway, I had a good time regardless but would not mind paying extra for better quality addon airports in the future.



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Hi Mike,

Welcome and glad to hear you like the game overall.  It does have its shortcomings, but as you see there is a lot going for it as well.  The game is part of an evolving series, and each evolution is better than the one before.  Note that there was even a modest improvement in both graphics and performance in Tower3DPro over Tower3D, so even there you can see that FeelThere is striving to make things better. 

As for the graphics, I am sure that most of us would love that, myself included, but I do not think it is a matter of them simply charging more money for the software.  Better graphics would come a cost of performance requirements, meaning that a high-end PC would be needed to run it.  Even as it is, the developer has mentioned several times that keeping performance within acceptable parameters is a constant challenge, especially with bigger airports and high traffic volumes.  You can argue about where to draw the line, but there has to be a compromise at some point, and I can understand that they want the game to be accessible to as many customers as possible..  Tower3DPro requires that your hardware must render, move, and accurately track very large numbers of moving 3D objects in relation to one another, and this tends to be rather demanding on both CPU and GPU.   Unlike FSX or other flightsims, which can be quite fun even if you turn down the AI traffic to low levels, turning down the traffic level in Tower 3DPro would defeat the whole purpose of the game.  Therefore, IMHO I believe there is a tendency for graphics to be the area that is compromised upon first. 

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