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Tower!3D KLAX incorrect taxiways


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Hi all,

I'm brand new to Tower!3D, I've been playing for about a week now but so far I love it!

I have noticed a couple small issues with the taxiways at KLAX though:

1. In the sim, the taxiways listed as E16 & E17 should actually be CC & DD respectively.

2. It would be helpful if the chart could show all of the taxiway labels for the D to E and B to C crossovers, such as D9, E12, B1, C7, etc.

3. In reality, taxiway T continues north of C and runs parrel to S until about halfway up the international terminal where it turns left, becomes taxiway T1 and connects to S.

4. Finally, runway 24L should have a displaced threshold which extends out to about where the E7 taxi way is in the game. That taxiway E7 should actually be E6 and E7 should in fact be located between V and E6. E6 (currently E7 in the sim) should not continue north of runway 24L and connect to V.

Obviously these are all nit picky items but I thought I'd share, maybe an update down the road can address some! Thanks and keep up the great work, love the sim!


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Lax has had lot of alterations the last few year's, the ground graphics used are not completely up to date which is why the are a lot of difference. In a couple of years they'll be more changes :-)

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