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There was a discussion in another topic about using macros and why the "Enter" key did not work. 

"Can't you assign "enter " to the end of the macro eliminating the need to press send??"

You kind of have to be an old timer to know this, but the average keyboard has a "Return" ↩ key and an "Enter" key.
The "Enter" key is usually on the numeric keypad while the "Return" ↩ key is part of the alphanumeric keyboard. A lot of keyboards today have the "Return" ↩  labeled as the "Enter" key.

Blah, blah, blah, yadda. yadda, yadda. Enough already.

Once you type, or click, or paste a command into the "Command Panel", you can either click the "SEND" button or press the "Return"  ↩ key. Nothing will happen if you press the "Enter" key.
The same goes for macros, you need to specify the end of the command with a "Return" instead of an "Enter"

Of course I do not have macros so I cannot confirm nor deny the validity of my theories. But I can confirm that the "SEND" button and "Return" ↩ key do work.



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