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FlightControlReplay and P3Dv4 / DTG

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Hello everyone,

i had a lot of request about compatibility with P3D v4 and DTG .

I have not yet SDK 64 bit in my hand of both products. For P3Dv4 for sure will be an SDK renewed 64 bit and my side i ll support it and THERE WILL BE a P3Dv4 version of FlightControlReplay and FlightControlVideoStreaming tools.

For DTG compatibility i m talking with Partner manager of Dovetail in these days ... i hope i ll have soon very wonderful news to share with you



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Hello ,

I can announce today that today i build FlightControlReplay v3.5 Beta version that it supports ESP platform, FSX, FSX Steam Edition, P3D v1, P3D v2, P3d v3 and from today P3D v4. 

I m happy give to customers one executable i can support ALL these platform 32 BIT and also last platforms available in the market (P3Dv4) that it is at 64 BIT. 

Apart P3Dv4 support , FlightControlReplay v3.5 will add these two main features 

FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 Feature Update wil add "PlayAsAI" feature that it will permits play a recorded flight as AI Plane . User can flight in a normal way and he can see and flight near AI plane of his previously recorded flight! Very useful feature!
Meanwhile you use one instance of FlightControlReplay for use "PlayAsAI" feature , you ll can start another instance and record your flight at the same time!

FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 will have also one another important feature ! "Speed rate change" (Slow 2x 4x and fast 2x 4x) !

FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 bring all features update and bugfix that customers had with monthly updates until now.


I want remember to all customers that FlightControlReplay Professional v3.5 will be a free update that will be notified via simmarket email when it will be available.



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