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Pblm with new FSUIPC5 and WideFs

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Hello Peter, I have been using FSUIPC for many years. I have been experiencing the following problem since I bought the new version 5 for P3Dv4:

My config: 1 PC Server for P3D and 1 PC Client for my remote panels

WideFsClient connects well with FSUIPC5, but the apps installed on the client (FsXpand and FsPanel) no longer start, msg "error: 9, index outside the range".

I do not know if the following may give you a hint, but the only way I have found to get around this problem is to start P3Dv3.4 (32bits) initially to connect to the remote PC via WideFs and start the client PC apps. Then I stop P3D(32bits) and then start P3Dv4(64bits). I get an msg which tells me that an instance of FSUIPC is already running in the process, but the connection with WideFS on the CLient is still established and the remote apps that were already open resume their dialogue correctly via WideFs and FSUIPC 5.
Thanking you in advance for your reply
Didier Lamant

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2 hours ago, Didier LAMANT said:

apps installed on the client (FsXpand and FsPanel) no longer start, msg "error: 9, index outside the range".

It sounds like those Apps are deliberately checking for the version of FS or P3D and do not like P3D4 because the version number is too high. Do their authors have a support forum or anything?



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1 hour ago, Didier LAMANT said:

Thanks for this info. I will contact them.
Indeed, I have developed my own apps for the remote PC and I have no problem with FSUIPC5 and WideFS.

There is a way of fooling applications which read the details from FSUIPC offsets into thinking the FS version is something different. You need a little Lua plug-in like this:

-- Loop forever
while 1 do
ipc.writeStruct(0x0024, "1UW", 0x3308, "1UW", 2, "1UW", 8)
-- Sleep for 50 mSecs so the update gets done roughly 20 times per second

Offset 3308 == 8 means "FSX". Change the 8 to whatever might make those programs work.



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