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FSUIPC5 problem with buttons

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Hi, I have for many years had lines like this in FSUIPC4.ini:

14=P2,0,Cx0100341D,x01     -{offset byte set, offset 341D}-
15=P2,1,Cx0100341D,x00     -{offset byte set, offset 341D}-
16=P2,2,Cx0100341C,x01     -{offset byte set, offset 341C}-
17=P2,3,Cx0100341C,x00     -{offset byte set, offset 341C}-

Now with FSUIPC5 there is a problem: after a few minutes the buttons stop working, and lines like this are written to FSUIPC5.log:

264031 Exception 20 "DATA_ERROR", Ref 9702, Index param 1 on write SetData for "CABIN NO SMOKING ALERT SWITCH"
264078 Exception 20 "DATA_ERROR", Ref 9704, Index param 1 on write SetData for "AVIONICS MASTER SWITCH"
264078 Exception 20 "DATA_ERROR", Ref 9705, Index param 1 on write SetData for "PITOT HEAT"

I have a button for toggling pushback with no problems:

9=P4,6,C66483,0     -{TOGGLE_PUSHBACK}-



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