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Since adding on JFK months ago, my buddy and I can no longer get a multiplayer game up and running. We can both play single player without any problems, and we used to play multiplayer regularly together.

When we attempt to play a multiplayer game at any airport now, the host of any game will get to 90% loaded and sit there forever while the other person sits at 81%. The host will start to hear radio traffic from airplanes, so we know the game hasn't hung or crashed.

-This behaviour will completely reverse if we change who is hosting the game
-Port 21112 and 22222 are open on both sides
-Hamachi doens't work either (this is how we used to connect and play all the time)
-Have adjusted time of day to a variety of numbers
-Have started the game as Admin

Any ideas on what could be going on and how we can solve this?


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This symptom is typical of the airport directory not being identical.  In the case of JFK it would the the Extensions/Airfields/KJFK folder.

What may happen at times is that the game will get as far as announcing landing or departing aircraft but the loading still says 90%.

All files in the directory MUST be identical. Even if they are the same size something may be wrong with one of the files, such as an extra space in a file.


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