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FSX freeze when using FSUIPC AUTOSAVE

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I have had the full version of fsuipc 4 for fsx for quite a while now...

Anyway, I have set the autosave to save every 300 seconds, and when it saves, FSX freezes for about 5-10 seconds...

Also, at other times fsx freezes every 20-30 all the time so i have to restart fsx.

When i disable autosave, these problems do not happen at all.

Sometimes as well, fsx completely crashes when it does a save.

Is there any fixes to this please?


Thank you 




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It sounds like you are using PMDG aircraft or something just as complex which does freeze the PC when saving flights do it can collect correct data from all of its subsystems and save its own files.

For autosave, FSUIPC merely call the SimConnect function to do the save. It does nothing other than provide a filename, just as you can by typing ; and entrering a filename. The rest of the time is taken by the add-on aircraft.

ALWAYS CHECK FOR UPDATES IN DOWNLOAD LINKS SUBFORUM! The latest interim update (4.969d) does contain a longer timeout to stop FSUIPC forcing a SimConnect reconnection on the normal 1 second freeze, which can exacerbate the pausing. However, you will still get pausing caused by the aircraft and generally it just isn't a good idea to use Autosave with such.



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Thank you for the reply...

I use the pmdg 737, 777. 747 and aerosoft a320 etc, and it happens on most of them. This never use to happen to me. It only started yesterday. I have trad to re install fsuipc but nothing changes. It is crashing my sim evry 40 minutes or so and freezes all the time




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1 hour ago, Sam Hill said:

It is crashing my sim evry 40 minutes or so and freezes all the time

Then something has got corrupted in those aircraft. There's no reason for you not to get the freezes then suddently get them, and, as I say, the AutoSave is the same as saving a flight using ; and entering the filename. It's just a couple of lines in FSUIPC, calling SimConnect to do everything as per normal flight saves. The crashes are suspicious.

Try reinstalling one of the affected aircraft. And maybe repairing FSX.



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