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key page-FS2004 problem

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The problem is that when I push the drop-down list, after the selection of the key whits I want to programme, at the keys page, FS9 turns to black and after 3 seconds crash

Hmmmthat's a new one for me. :( . Does it do this with any key, or only specific keys?

There's nothing here, in version 3 of FSUIPC, which hasn't been there in previous versions, right back to FS2000 times. I'm not sure how I can help youpossibly it is a video driver problem? Does it happen in both windowed and full screen modes?

There was a problem in some versions of FSUIPC where the controls list, which it obtains from FS's own CONTROLS.DLL, was not available, or was in a different place from usual. However, I am sure I covered the possibilities there.

Perhaps you could show me the FSUIPC Log file, or whatever there is of it, in case I can see anything there?

I will be releasing version 3.11 of FSUIPC this weekend. Can you try that when you get it, and get back to me? If it is still a problem, I'll have to lead you through some diagnostics.



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Pete thank's for the response

I used 45.23 and 43.45 drivers too but the same hapens

Same in windowed and full screne mode

I tried some other keys in other pages with no problems, it seems that the problem is with theese two drop-down lists

I' ve FS2002 yet in my system with 29.72 version of FSUIPC and there all works fine

any sugestions how to solve or overcome it

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AppName: fs9.exe AppVer: ModName: fsuipc.dll

ModVer: Offset: 0004d9f6

This would be more useful if you could show me whatever fragment of an FSUIPC.LOG file you can find, please.

Can you tell me how much main memory you have and what other programs are running at the time? Also are you using windows XP or 98 or Me?

This does look like somehow CONTROLS.DLL is either getting corrupted or it is somehow not in the location FS tells me it is.

I might send you a Beta test version of FSUIPC to try, mainly to get me more information. Check your email soon.



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