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Rebuy of FSUIPC

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this has probably been asked before, but do I have to do a full rebuy for v4? I bought FSUIPC on the first of May this year and spent a month getting it to work properly with my HOTAS (thnx saitek :P). I appreciate the work that has gone into the product, but a month and a half of usage feels kind of bad.

Is there any update possibility or do I have to add that to the costs p3d v4 is already having in store for me?

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FSUIPC5 for Prepar3Dv4 (64Bit) is a new product, new developed against 64Bit. Any earlier version of FSUIPC is not subject to an upgrade to FSUIPC5.

For those they already have a key for WideFS7 for FSUIPC4, they don't need to buy a new key to use WideFS7 with FSUIPC5. The registration will work with FSUIPC5.


Seeing as upgrading to v4 will clock in at over 200€ with that

I don't know who did that calculation but the only thing needed is FSUIPC5 from SimMarket, 29.52 Euro (offer ends on 3rd Sept 2017). The Prepar3D version, i.e. Academic (same as Pro but has a tiny water mark top right), cost 59.95$ US. As explained above if you already have a Key for WideFS, if you need it, then there is no need to buy it again.

So to upgrade to Prepar3Dv4 is from FSUIPC side 29.52 Euro.


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Yes, sure. I did not want to start an argument. Sorry. And 200€ come from all the other products I have that need updating. 170 for those and now 30 more for a new FSUIPC. And it is my own fault. I should have researched better before I bought. I somehow was unaware that there would be no update for a different fee. Otherwise I would have held back in May. My bad for buying when I felt going back to the hobby ;)


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