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KSAN Taxi Error - Cargo


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Log attached.

First time running into a Road Calculation Error at KSAN. It was with Fedex 1422 which had just landed and vacated 27 onto B9. I instructed it to taxi to the cargo ramp first via B, B4, F and then by B, B4, C4, F and finally A, B, B4, C4, F - sim didn't like any of those commands, I finally had to delete the aircraft.

On a positive note, not sure if KSAN was updated or if I'm just getting better at the voice recognition but B1, B9, B10 and C1 all used to give me major trouble but now the sim recognizes all of them no problem!


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This was actually the first time I had a cargo arrival so I can't say. I'll have to play KSAN a bit more to find out. I purposely had it go down to B9 to avoid conflicts with other traffic coming out of the terminals.


Just tried it again, this time I had Fedex go all the way to the end and exit at B10 but it still couldn't create a route when I gave it instructions. Just for the hell of it though I gave it the standard "taxi to terminal" instruction with no specific routing and it worked. The sim sent the aircraft along B6/C6 instead of B4/C4 so, if I had to take a guess I'd say the issue is with B4 and/or C4. I'll try it one more time and give the aircraft specific instructions to use B6/C6 and see if that will work.




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