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  1. More realistic Tower!3D

    Delfino, great idea. Thanks! When I get the time I would like to try this.
  2. Tracon: developing: EDDF

    The commands should be the same for all sectors--as with the original sectors. When the target gets to altitude, click on it to initiate handoff to center. It flashes. When it stops flashing, the target turns to a "C" and then you give it, "DLH 27, contact center on 120.80". (for instance).
  3. Tracon: developing: EDDF

    Looks like the handoff freqs are printed on the radar map??
  4. Just took a glance at the arrival flights in today (using FlightAware) at that airport and only found 18 arrivals from 0800 to 1500. 2+ arrivals per hour is pretty slow. I guess that is why I never run that airport in Tower3D. Departures seemed about the same.
  5. CUSTOM (REAL) Traffic #2 -- KLAS !! FREE to the Community!

    Very nice--thanks!! You really have to watch the 19 and 25s so you don't get dinged.
  6. CUSTOM (REAL) traffic #1 - KLAX!!! FREE to the Community!

    falco, there is a readme file
  7. KLAS Intersecting Runways?

    Similar thing happened to me. Make sure the departure is airborne or they are separated enough before they are both on the runway. I agree, I don't think that should be a penalty and it doesn't allow maximum efficient use. I mostly like the 25R (takeoff) 25L (landing) configuration, but it is nice to open the 19's when needed. I suppose had you used 19R for landing it still would have dinged you? Edit: this has also happened to me at Philly when I had departures off of 27R at E and landings on 35. You can't start the departures takeoff roll until the 35 lander is passed the runway.
  8. General game play issue

    Not sure if you mean this exactly, but my major gripe is landing ac that don't keep rolling to the taxiway. They slow down way too much and a following ac at 4 or 5 miles may have to be given a "go around". This can happen quite a bit at KLAS when I have arrivals coming to 25L. I use A5 as the turnoff (closest one) but they taxi too slow. Otherwise, I agree, this is a great sim that has gotten better. Just a few issues with me.
  9. toth, When you install RC does it go here: c:\Program Files (x86)\FeelThere\Tower!3D Pro\Extensions\Airplanes\Texturepacks And, also, before this step does it prompt you to pick the program you are installing too, ie, Tower3dPro?? Chris
  10. Real Color

    My KLAX is SP2v2 KPHL is SP4 Edit: Also, my older download passwords were also expired. Email them here: orders@bmtmicro.com to get resolution. They were very quick to get back to me. Thanks to CRBAScott for this link.
  11. Tower!3D Pro - Action Camera not working at KLAS?

    I've noticed the same. Very infrequently do I see the action cam work at KLAS. Not never, but not very often.
  12. Airport Strategies

    KLAS Seem to prefer using 25R for departures and 25L for arrivals (they have actually just changed to 26R and L). They also use occasionally 19L for departures and 19R for arrivals but the parallel 25s seem predominate. Edit: I like to use intersection takeoffs when appropriate. An example is using runway 25R at A2. Heavy a/c use full length. I recently heard the RW controllers using 25R at B for takeoffs at KLAS.
  13. KLAS Las Vegas Strategy tips needed (runway use)

    I, basically, use real world runway configs as noted. However, when slow I may bring an arrival in on 25R (or 19L although the 19's get used infrequently). I've noticed that sometimes the arrivals may come in too close so I assign one the different parallel for spacing. This shouldn't be a problem but the a/c tend to slow down too much after landing and are unable to keep a more realistic rollout so the one on short final may have to be given a go-around. I dislike doing this--but...... Using the parallels seems to work really well--as in RL.
  14. KSAN Taxi Error - Cargo

    Do other cargo flights work this way? Reason I'm asking is, I only give the command to Taxi to Terminal/Ramp and the cargo flights exit at B7 or B8 and then cross over at B4 to C4 and then home. This works very well.
  15. The big new thing

    Yes, I play board War games. Been doing so since the 70's.