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KBOS -- 2 issues found

ATControl  -- Joe

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Evening all,

**Let it be known these 2 items were submitted as a direct report to the developers, but I am putting these out here for the community to see just in case you run into them.  If you do, no need to report them again.***

1.  Gate blocks -- Ran into 2 separate A330's that spawned close to the terminal buildings and were surrounded with other airlines and the clipped in place and never pushed back from their gates.  Actually picked up wait penalties because they sat so long.  Happened over at Terminal A & B.  

2.  Bravo taxiway "Gates" missing -- When moving aircraft to RWY 4R leaving the terminal area and taxi on B  -- aircraft land on 4L and there are multiple "gates" where an aircraft would need taxi clearance to move on B around the corner and through the path of 4L approach.  Currently the jets just roll right on through and ended up with multiple arrivals crossing right over the taxiing aircraft (PS I allowed this to happen to see if it would cause a crash or any kind of penalty throughout the session -- none were recorded as penalties).  On the reverse at the intersection of M-B, there is a similar 4L approach gate that aircraft roll through without stopping for clearance.






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