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Axis Assigment no Options available

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first of all, I deleted the whole modules folder and did a new FSUIPC installation but with the same result. As you can see on the screenshot the axis assigment recognized my axis, but I could no choice the option how to handle that. I could not see any ticks.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ji4w142kfhjf5ve/FSUIPC Problem.png?dl=0

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I don't think you've bothered to look at the user guide at all! :-(

Just select  the method you want to use for assignment then you can select which of that type of assignment you want, up to 4 simultaneously.

Not sure what you think you ought to see "ticked".

Please PLEASE user the documents provided!



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2 hours ago, 5lacker said:

I mean at the left side in the Type of action requieeered there should be 3 dots available as I can see in the handbook at page 32. But at my screenshot they don't appear.

3 Dots?  No! Three types of assignment, the things you call "dots" are little circles which you click (they are just the standard type of Windows mutually exclusive alternative check boxes). Click one to select the type of assignment you want.

I'm looking a page 32 (in the FSUIPC5 User Guide) and there are no "dots". The check boxes gain a "dot" inside them when you click one! It's a standard Windows type of selection mechanism!

If you mean the circles aren't appearing either, then I think there's something wrong with your Windows installation, or maybe the video driver. FSUIPC doesn't have any control at all over the display of those, the whole dialogue system is pre-defined in a standard Windows format and displayed through Windows interfaces. Try a different (later or earlier) video driver, or maybe a repair of Windows.




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