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Tower3D: Gates per terminal per airport


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At the moment I'm creating a new schedule generator loosely based on real world time tables. I would like to make this as complete as possible. I already found a lot of data, but the one thing I cannot find is the amount of gates per terminal at the Tower3D airports. Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to find this information? I would like to have this to create schedules that try to generate an as high as possible occupancy rate on the gates.


Thank you for the help

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Many people generate their own schedules from various sources, as you wish to. ATC Joe is progressively making schedules for the airports including the correct terminal allocations. The actual terminal gates are available via the airports own websites.

In Tower 2011 you had the ability to amend the airport taxiways, terminal gates etc. I did it many times in that program. The operating engine was changed in tower3D & tower3D!Pro and to my knowledge it is not possible for an end user to see the individual gates or amend them. It is a feature that has been asked for before but at this s stage you can amend which terminal an operator goes to but not individual gates. This might be possible if you are comfortable getting into the code and changing things at that level. But of course if you change things in the program code, then any support from FeelThere would be difficult.

If my info is not correct I am happy to have someone point me in the right direction as it would be a good feature.

Kev M

Brisbane Australia


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