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Tower3D!Pro: Can I change the camera?


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Hi, I just got it for xmas and started playing today. Fun so far! but I had some questions.

1) Is it possible to move the location of the "tower camera"? Are there any plans to improve the camera functions? For example, I'd like to be able to move the tower at TIST to the other side of the runway, not in the middle of the woods. Maybe even change the altitude? Or even a free roam camera?

2) Why is the zoom so limited? I can barely see the aircraft. It'd be nice to have a binocular option that was a close in zoom.

3) Why does the camera seem to point in a random direction when the aircraft is too far away? That was very confusing! Made me think aircraft were flying in from the wrong direction.

4) Any plans to add a physical tower room? For the reason below really.

5) This is the perfect simulation to support VR. Voice control, move around with tracked motion controllers, etc... And this is in Unity- if the scaling was correct, it's just a checkbox and boom built in VR support.

Basically, how much more is it being developed? It still feels a bit unfinished compare to Tower!2011 which I am a HUGE fan of.



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