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  1. Hey Kevinw17, Can you give us some information about your system or maybe be some screenshots. So, that we can help you. Thank you, AJ
  2. Hey Wayne, Re-downloading the product from the purchase link will give the latest version. Thank you, AJ
  3. Hey wsuch, Tracon 2012 SE, is coming soon. Thank you, AJ
  4. Hey wsuch, This is coming soon. We are sorry for the delay in this. Thank you, AJ
  5. Hey aldo9550, Please add it to your wishlist once you open and one before we start the development of our new Tower version. :) Thank you, AJ
  6. Hey SherlockHolmes, Can you please tell me at which Airport you are and what's the exact situation and also can you please attach the logs? This will help us to understand the problem. Thank you, AJ
  7. Hey MustangPauli, We need the callsign of the flight and a log that includes that flight with the spin. So, that we can help you further on this. Thank you, AJ
  8. Hey MustangPauli, We added that holding point in the Boston SP as per customer request and also based on the satellites there is a holding point over there. Thank you, AJ
  9. Hey Wsuch, Sorry, but there is no way to change it. Thank you, AJ
  10. Hey Sherlock, The camera is scripted, there is no way to change it. You can turn on/off the action camera. We have planned VR for next version. Thank you, AJ
  11. Hey wsuch, Sorry, but there is no possibility to change it. Thank you, AJ
  12. Hey ml0130, Yes, We are going through the 2D maps and remaking them for 3D, but we may add some surprise soon. Thank you, AJ
  13. Hey G0tchas, FYI, 50 planes per hours are pretty busy schedule. Thank you, AJ
  14. Hey Algernon, We officially don't support on Mac's but there is some user who is reporting that it's working on Mac's running window. But we can't guarantee you that it will work. Thank you, AJ
  15. Hey ml0130, Can you send us the logs? that will help us to find the exact problem you are facing. Thank you, AJ
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