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Windows or FSUIPC5 you choose?

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Yep, I tried it all so far. Ran it as administrator. Changed the administrator rights to every drive. Checked the Modules folder and found it empty. This occurred after a complete PV4.1 reinstall. Not really sure what I did.  The Message box reads

: Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access this item.   

 Also, every time I close that message. The FSUIPC icon leaves my desktop.  I have an image of it, but it tells me my image is too large. Not sure how to resize it. 

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I've no idea what any of your message is about!  I cannot read minds. If it is about FSUIPC, WideFS or another software program of mine, then say which, state the version and the context (FS4, FS5 .... P3D4) and what you are trying to do and what is going wrong.

From the title I think you are talking about FSUIPC5, so presumably P3D4. But what does "windows or FSUIPC5 you choose" mean?

And what is this:

6 hours ago, Dakota Senpai said:

The FSUIPC icon leaves my desktop.

FSUIPC doesn't provide an "icon". It is merely shown as an entry in the P3D AddOns menu!



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13 minutes ago, Dakota Senpai said:

let me take a look at the addon menu and see if it was added.

What? FSUIPC5?

13 minutes ago, Dakota Senpai said:

Update: no luck is there a dll file I can input into the main P3d folder to help recognize it during install?

You still haven't described whatever problem you think you have. Please read my previous questions again.

If you have a problem with FSUIPC5's Installer, then say so, describe what the problem is, AND show me the contents of the Install log which is produced -- that is what it is for.

Either way, this thread is a waste of time until you say what it is you are doing and what is going wrong!



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