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FSUIPC Causing Prepar3d Issues

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Hi there,

First of all, FSUIPC is going to be invaluable to my setup as P3D does not correctly read my G940 data properly.

However, on my first installation of FSUIPC, after 5 minutes of gameplay, PMDG will just freeze and the game latency will be about 4-5 seconds. I do not have autosave enabled, and yet can't seem to get it working.

After some thought, I reformatted my computer to a fresh installation of windows, and P3D with PMDG. All works fine, until I installed FSUIPC, and now whenever I launch P3D, the whole P3d window will disappear, and I cannot seem to find it (single screen ops). What baffles me, is that I can see P3D running in the background in Task Manager.

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You need to state the VERSIONs, please: P3Dv1,2,3or4? And which specific version of FSUIPC?

If you are using P3Dv4 you need at least version 4.1, and you need to install FSUIPC 5.123 then overwrite the FSUIPC5.DLL file in the Modules folder by version 5.123e, available in the Download Links sub-forum above.

For P3D3 you need FSUIPC 4.973.

If you are up to date and still get problems, I need to see the FSUIPC Log file, from the Modules folder.

Also, for PMDG aircraft, check that you have all the updates. The original releases did have problems in P3D.



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19 hours ago, david1952 said:

I use P3D V4.2 and FSUIPC 5.123b

Which version of FSUIPC needs to be installed now?

Best to download 5.123e from the Download Links subforum, and copy the FSUIPC5.DLL from that ZIP into your P3D4 modules folder.

A revised full install package will be released soon. Just a few other things to tidy up and test beforehand.



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