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Button Assignment Keysend issue

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Hi Pete

My setup is as follows:

- 6 computer setup incl. 3X visual PC's, 2 X avionics, and 1 "admin" PC.

- Windows 10 all

- P3D v3 on the 3 visual PC's

- Latest (for P3D v3), registered FSUIPC  on server and Wide FS on client PC's


I am trying to send keypresses to two clients to operate PTT on Teamspeak on those two clients. I have read all the relevant parts of the FSUIPC and WideFS docs that I could find, and also checked out your replies to others with similar questions in the past. But I seem to be stuck.

On the server PC, I have te following lines under Buttons (only relevant lines copied here):
21=H64,0,K123,8     -{Key press: F12}-
22=H64,0,K120,8     -{Key press: F9}-
23=H64,1,K120,8     -{Key press: F9}-
24=H64,1,C1006,11     -{KEYSEND 11 for WideFS}-
25=U64,1,C1006,12     -{KEYSEND 12 for WideFS}-
26=H64,2,K123,8     -{Key press: F12}-
27=H64,2,K121,8     -{Key press: F10}-
28=H64,3,K121,8     -{Key press: F10}-
29=H64,3,C1006,13     -{KEYSEND 13 for WideFS}-
30=U64,3,C1006,14     -{KEYSEND 14 for WideFS}-


You will note on Lines 23 and 28 that I had already assigned keypresses to my joystick buttons to activate a PTT on the server PC. But I also want Joystick 64, Button 1 to send F9 key to Client 1, and Joystick 64, Button 3 to send F10 key to Client 2.

So, in Client 1 Wideclient.ini, I have the following:

; -----------------------------------------------

KeySend11=120,8 ;Press F9
KeySend12=120,16 ;Release F9


and in Client 2 Wideclient.ini, the following:


; -----------------------------------------------

KeySend13=121,8 ;Press F10
KeySend14=121,16 ;Release F10


But this does not seem to activate F9 and F10 on the two clients respectively. I tried using "H", "R", and "P" for Hold, Repeat, and Press respectively in FSUIPC.ini on the server PC for the joystick assignments, but no difference.

The clients are definitely connected to the server through WideFS (as I can see the number of connections correctly on the server).

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.



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1 hour ago, sunmartial said:

KeySend13=121,8 ;Press F10
KeySend14=121,16 ;Release F10

You are misreading something. It is 16 to "press" and 24 to "release".  As documented thus, on page 16 of the Technical guide:-

Shift state + 8 to Press the key
Shift state + 16 to Release the key

Just above there you will see the code for the key on its own is 8.

The program intended to receive this PTT may also need it sending in a different way. There are options for sending to a specific program (if that program was loaded by WideClient) and also UseSendInput=Yes (page 18), which, for instance, TeamSpeak needs (or used to, at least).

I am using an F6 press / release system with WideFS for the PTT on Pilot2ATC and it works well without any sepacial options.



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HI Pete


Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what happened there....I'm sure I had them as 16 and 24 originally.....and it still wouldn't work then.

I may have to try to launch Teamspeak using Wideclient as you suggest, and send the keypress to that specific program. Will read up those parts of the manual and try that soon.

Will keep you posted.



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